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Business Investor

Business Investor visas are another of our specialties for those looking to invest in a business in Australia and needing to make application for a business visa. We understand the importance of submitting a professionally prepared application which meets with the latest legislation and ensures a fast and effective process with government departments.

Our Visa service offering combined with our Relocation support is an invaluable tool for potential business investors. We are also able to provide tailored support for general business set ups – including offices, services providers, taxation and legal support, office equipment and networking into the local business community.

If you are one of the following planning to establish a business venture in Australia

  • An offshore company seeking to establish a branch in Australia, participating in joint ventures with an Australian entity, or fulfilling a contract awarded
  • An independent executive seeking to establish a new business or joining an existing business in Australia
  • Personnel coming under a labour or Regional Headquarters agreement