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Skilled Independent Visa

There are a range of visa options available to applicants who want to migrate to Australia independently as a skilled migrant and have the skills that Australiarequires. Qualification for any of these visa options is subject to meeting the current threshold point’s requirement, based upon the following factors:

  • Age (18-45)
  • Qualifications
  • Occupation
  • Work experience overseas and in Australia
  • Meeting or exceeding the minimum English Language requirement

The visa process runs through a system called Skillselect that has two distinct stages:

  1. Expression of Interest
  2. Visa application (subject to receiving an invitation to apply)

Our Registered Agents will manage the entire process from beginning to end, relieving our clients of the burden of navigating the constant changes to Australia’s complex immigration laws and economic needs.

We provide dedicated support to ensure that our clients are able to meet the criteria for each aspect of the application such as the complicated Skills Assessment process and the English Language requirement.

Visas in this category include:

  • Subclass 491 – temporary regional visa
  • Subclass 189
  • Subclass 190

As timing is critical with these visas, our team ensure that every client’s visa is managed quickly and efficiently to ensure processing turnaround is kept to a minimum where possible.

Our Registered Migration Agents can also assist migrants who wish to apply for Permanent visas through this route.