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About us

Life Relocation is a leading Australian based independent full-service Relocation Services Company providing comprehensive relocation management and support through a global network both for Domestic and International relocations.

We have offices and representatives across Australia, as well as a network of affiliates Worldwide.

Our People

Life Relocation team of highly skilled professionals are experts within their fields,  ensuring that our clients have the best service in the industry.

Life Relocation staff are hand picked and bring with them exceptional qualities from other industries that provide a balance to our service standards. Life’s core staff have backgrounds in Law, Human Resource, Real Estate and Education.

Most importantly, Life’s staff are highly motivated individuals that are able to work autonomously, always deliver the core values of integrity and honesty at all times and are driven to providing excellence in their service areas.

Our Experience

Life Relocation’s team have significant experience in the management of relocation projects ranging from large-scale major company relocation projects through to highly specialised relocations for the most demanding of individuals.  We welcome the opportunity to share with clients how we are successfully delivering projects such as the interstate relocation of staff from an entire division of a large multi-national corporation or the relocation of an executive team from Australia to a non-English speaking country for a major international brand.

Our Clients

Life Relocation’s clients include both national and international corporations of all sizes, from industries including aerospace, manufacturing, oil & gas engineering, automative, energy, pharmaceutical, film and media and many others. Managing such a varied client base enables our staff to adapt to the demands of the ever changing corporate cultural structure and provide a service tailored to match the clients own needs.

 Our Standards

Through a significant investment in technology enablers, Life Relocation maintains a lead in providing robust management of process and provision of information to both the client and the assignee.  The integration of Reloassist Client Management System into the relocation process ensures that all stakeholders are able to log, monitor and track every aspect of the relocation management to a level expected by the most demanding of organisations – and provides this information in near real-time.  Tracking to reach ISO9000 accreditation is an indicator of this success.


Life Relocation is a registered Trade Mark for Life Relocation Pty Ltd