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Subclass 408

This visa allows you to come to Australia to do specific types of work on a short-term, temporary basis under the following categories

  • Special program
  • Religious work
  • Research activities
  • Invited for other social and cultural activity
  • Sporting activities
  • Entertainment activities
  • Superyatch crew
  • Exchange arrangements
  • Australian Government endorsed events
  • Domestic work for executives

This visa has two parts

  1. Sponsorship – an Australian organisation, government agency, foreign government agency or eligible individual applies to become a Temporary Activities Sponsor
  2. Visa Application – the visa applicant applies for the Temporary Work subclass 408

This visa allows the applicant to:

  • stay in Australia for the period of the nominated position – the term can be up to 2 – 4 years subject to the visa category
  • do the work or activity specified in your nomination
  • bring your family to work or study in Australia
  • travel in and out of Australia as often as you want